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For the person – who values the purity and benefits of an internally geared hub. The Shimano Alfine 8-Speed hub is a great choice for harsh weather conditions as it adds simplicity, reliability and durability. The Ocho is virtually maintenance free and easy to ride. The Ocho is perfect for someone who may only do annual, not weekly maintenance!

The Ocho works perfectly as your year round daily commuter, your stylish urban errand-runner or your weekend fitness machine.

Purposeful elegance, form and function

The Ocho has a light aluminum frame that is similar to the Energy and Dynamo but uses different drop outs for a simple chain-tension system. The frame has fender and rack mounts to add to its functionality and purpose. Hydraulic disc brakes add to safety and reliability, maximizing stopping power, no matter the weather or surface conditions. High volume tires for increased comfort, better traction and a smoother ride with fewer flats are mounted on Alex double walled and eyeleted rims for high mileage durability.

For 2019 the Ocho comes with the proven Shimano ALFINE 8-Speed internal gear hub that is reliability and durable Kilometer after Kilometer year after year. With its simplicity and elegance of design of internal geared hubs, the gearing has a clean look, is simple to use and virtually maintenance free.




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