Raleigh Tokul IE

The Tokul IE is a singletrack lover’s dream come true. The classic aluminum alloy hardtail construction promises a snappy ride, but the magic really lies in the Bosch CX mid-drive electric assist [...]

Raleigh Detour IE

The Detour iE is an electric bike that encourages taking the long way home! While it portrays a smart business look with rack and fenders, the comfortable riding position and silky smooth power [...]

Raleigh Sprite IE 2018

With the award winning Sprite iE electric bike, it’s never been easier to lift a leg and get riding, literally. The easy entry, Low Step Sprite frame makes it convenient for you to get on board [...]

Raleigh Lore IE

With the Bosch Performance Line Speed motor ‘under the hood’, it can maintain maximum allowed speeds upwards without breaking a sweat, and the combination of 27.5-inch wheels with Plus sized [...]

Raleigh Cadent IE

The Cadent iE boasts many of the same features found on the best European, high-speed trekking electric bikes. Top on the list is its powerful motor, ready for almost every terrain you are likely [...]

Raleigh Venture iE

Recharge and reconnect with simple pleasures on the Venture iE. Built on a lightweight aluminum frame, this electric bike features a low step-through design to make getting on and off the bike an [...]