Surly Bridge Club

As a highly versatile touring bike, Bridge Club perfectly hits the sweet spot that separates on- and off-road excursions. It accounts for both the planned and unplanned multi-surface outings, [...]

Surly Straggler

o what is this Straggler anyway? The easy answer is to say that we added disc brakes to a Cross-Check and this is close to accurate. People have asked us to make a disc version of our highly [...]

Surly Disc Trucker

Sometimes a combination of load, climate and terrain demands a bit more braking performance than a standard rim-brake can provide. That’s where the Disc Trucker comes in. Disc Trucker is a Long [...]

Surly ECR

Sometimes the only way to break the humdrum of life is with a bike ride that is off the beaten path. The ECR can enable the passionate cyclist to do just this.

Surly Cross Check

There is no such thing as one bike that can do it all, but the Cross-Check comes mighty close. It’s is a cyclocross bike by design, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it has only one purpose. [...]

Surly Troll

If you’re going to ride your bicycles where no one can see, you better take gear that’s up to the task. Troll is up to the task. The Troll was once a simple mountain bike frame with a few extras [...]

Surly Ogre

Likely, your bike needs change by the day, week, month or year. Ogre can take you to your job during the week, then guide you way out of town on the weekend. It’s not sluggish on pavement or [...]