Cruisin’ to Comfort

If your chief concern is a comfortable ride then you probably already know how important it is to have the right saddle.

The type of saddle you choose will depend on many factors In this article will look at a few saddles that are ideal for a more upright, leisurely riding position.

First up are a couple of saddles by Selle Royal. The comfort of Selle Royal’s Drifter and Ondina saddles is provided by two features, springs and gel. Dual springs offer suspension, while a closed-cell foam gel helps to reduce pressure points.

Saddles made from synthetic materials often sport weather-proof features, and these Selle Royal are actually 100% sealed and water resistant

Like the Selle Royal saddles above, these Brooks saddles also use a spring system to offer the rider supple suspension. The B33 and B67 by Brooks are made from tensioned leather, which acts as a sort of hammock. Leather saddles  tend to need to be broken in over time, and also require special maintenance. However, leather saddles also offer cushioning by stretching and flexing, without the need for foam padding. Finally, heat and perspiration can escape through the porous leather, which can increase comfort in hot weather.

No matter your needs, we are sure to have a saddle that is right for you.

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