Bafang E-bike Kit

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Turn Your Cherished Steed Into An E-Bike

BAFANG, a leading manufacturer of e-mobility components and complete systems, sells its e-bike products in Europe, China and North America. Thanks to its expertise in production of systems for e-bikes and electric scooters, the company’s products are well received in those markets.

For more than ten years BAFANG has been developing components and complete systems for electric vehicles. They started by developing and making e-bike motors and thanks to their extensive experience and their development team of over 40 engineers they now make second-generation motors for e-bikes and electric trikes. They have grown continuously and currently have the capacity to manufacture one million motors annually.

BAFANG motors offer a solution for bicycles that will not accommodate a Bionx system. They are great for e-bikes with an internally geared hub.

$1699.99* Plus installation

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