Yuba Boda Boda Electric

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The Ultimate Urban People Mover

This electric cargo bike has both brains and brawn. The intelligent and powerful Shimano STEPS E6100 pedal assist system masterfully offers just the right amount of assist for a natural feel under your feet. You’ll actually enjoy running all those pesky errands and seeking out those hills you used to avoid.

Go ahead and load it up. The Electric Boda Boda is designed to haul anything life throws at you while keeping that light, nimble steering for a super smooth ride, every time. Confidently carry a gaggle of giggly girls or a light load of lumber without breaking a sweat.

“This nimble, compact electric cargo bike is your complete car replacement” – Wired Magazine

“This Kid-Hauling Cycle Changed My Mind About Electric Bikes” – Fatherly


  • Step-through or Step-over frame style
  • Adjustable cockpit and seat post collar
  • Frame Lock tabs
  • Integrated rear rack with 2 Yepp child seat mounts


  • Fits riders
    • Step Through 4’9” to 5’10” (1.45 to 1.85m)
    • Step Over 5’5” to 6’5” (1.65m to 2m)
  • Payload: 244 lbs. (110 kg)
  • E-bike Weight: 60 lbs. (27 kg)
  • E-bike Length: 6’1” (186 cm)


Base Price: $5399.99*

Currently: $4299.99*

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