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In 1973 Grab On was the first company to make foam grips. To do this they developed a new process for rapid grinding of extruded foam rubber. The first grips made were for ten-speed bicycles. Next came motorcycle grips and eventually industrial grips for the OEM market. Today they make thousands of custom grips out of high density foam that lasts. We have been carrying Grab on grips for over two decades in three varieties. They are  still amongst our favorite Grips.

…Still made in the USA!

Comfort Deluxe

An economical grip designed for road bikes with drop bars. These grips are made from a softer less dense Nitrile foam material with additives for better weathering properties.



Best selling mountain bike grip. A very rugged yet comfortable grip that is the choice of daily commuters and off road enthusiasts. GT from Arlington, Washington wrote: “Best grips on the planet! I’ve tried all types of grips and these are the best. Why? Their porous structure allows them to soak up road vibrations, they deform enough to form a custom impression that conforms exactly to your hand structure but are rigid enough to insure a firm grip.”



Ergonomically designed with a hexagonal shape for superior fit to the hand. A very tough grip made of high density EPDM for long life and positive control.


Grab On Grips is committed to protecting your hands.

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