Winter Essentials: the Humble Fender

Some people think that cycling and rainy weather are not compatible.

That’s why it is important to make sure that your bike can accommodate whatever weather comes your way.

When it comes to winter biking, using fenders, or ‘mudguards’, is an easy and affordable way to make it much more pleasant.

A good fender will keep water spray and dirt thrown up by your wheels off you and your bike, meaning you get to see where you’re going and get less wet, cold and mucky. It also means less mud and grime sticking to your bike; so it’ll be lighter after a long ride and it will also help reduce wear on critical bike components such as your chain, cassette and chainrings, not to mention your washing machine.

Here at Fairfield Bicycle Shop, we have dozens of fenders to help keep you warm and dry during your winter rides. Simple, clip-on fenders start at around $17. Installation of high quality fenders by our mechanics will cost in the neighbourhood of $70.


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