Azub Tricon Trike 2020

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A Trike Perfect for the Road

When you ride this trike for the first time, it will pleasantly surprise you how easy it is to handle. And it does not matter whether you are going slowly or quickly. Steering is spot on and gives you a feeling of security. Moreover, the trike’s F2F-U folding system will completely blow you away.

Finely tuned to the smallest detail

At the heart of the Tricon 20 is not just the superb steering found on all AZUB tricycles. One secret lies in the rear fork. Since it is as short as it can be, it is extremely stiff. This significantly improves the cycling feel especially when cornering, and it also reduces the turning circle. What is more, its ingenious design allows it to be folded below the frame, thus dramatically reducing the overall dimensions of the folded trike. Transporting the Tricon in a car, bus or plane is therefore much easier. But of course, that is not all. The Tricon 20 trike can be characterized by its overall robust construction and finely tuned design.

Stiff frame, comfortable ride

Many might think that a stiff frame, a wide main frame tube and a very short rear fork will render this tricycle to be fairly uncomfortable. And trikes must be comfortable. So that is why in the Tricon 20 Azub opted for a genuine rear suspension using a conventional bicycle shock, as standard available in a spring/oil combination. You will experience such a comfortable ride that you can never experience on any traditional upright bikes. Your back will love you!


Base Price $5499.99*


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