The Fairfield Bicycle Shop

The bike shop first opened its doors in May of 1992; an obscure off the beaten track one man bicycle repair shop on Oscar Street, in the heart of the beautiful neighbourhood of Fairfield. It was Richard Miller’s dream to create a shop that catered to the everyday cyclist. In the era of racing bikes and mountain bikes, his shop was going to cater to the non-competitive cyclist: cycle tourists, commuters, cargo carrying and pleasure cycling. Whether it was leather saddles, pannier bags, racks, baskets, bells, trailers or lights, his shop was going to offer a delightful range of fittings to make cycling more enjoyable and practical. He was also tired of hearing that people couldn’t get this or that thing because shops wouldn’t bring them in. He was going to have the best selection of ordinary things, like tires and bells and baskets.

Early on, Richard was joined by Max Cochran and together they created the shop’s repair capacity. Richard came with five years of bicycle wrenching at local shops and had recently built a frame with renowned instructor Tim Paterek. Max, fresh out of high school and an inveterate tinkerer and problem solver, became Head Mechanic. It wasn’t long before the shop had a full range of threading, aligning, and frame building tools, not to mention the widest range possible of standard hand tools. Their mutual commitment to repairs and “fixes” saw them acquired an extensive range of small parts and accessories from both obscure, distant or foreign suppliers as well as shuttered shops. In time, the Fairfield Bicycle Shop became known as one of the best equipped repair shops in the city and a remarkable source for hard to find parts. At one time, the shop was noted as a shop to see by European cycle enthusiasts.

“Fairfield Bike Shop has been around as long as I can remember and their staff can help you with absolutely anything!”

– Greg S.



The Shop’s Niche Market

Our niche market grew was growing as urban cycling increased. The shop carried child trailers and trailer cycles never seen before. Recumbent bikes, folding bikes, electric bikes and scooters added to the range of possibilities for all types of riders. Over time, the shop was a dealer for different bike brands: Bianchi, KHS, Ritchey, Peugeot, Oryx, Mikado, Rocky Mountain, Dahon, Devinci, Marinoni, Opus and Brodie. We had become a necessary stop for people on the hunt for the perfect new bike. Bursting at the seams, with a range of bikes unseen in other stores, the shop shifted to the Moss Street side of the building.

Today, the Fairfield Bicycle Shop remains committed to the non-competitive cyclist – not because they are “bad” but because other shops do it (sell racing bikes) very well. The same goes for mountain bikes. What we do is continue to offer a wide selection of urban and hybrid bikes but with the addition of e-bikes and motor kits, recumbent bikes and trikes, and a growing family of cargo bikes in all configurations. Our repair shop has grown to six benches and is the only shop repairing all makes of e-bike repair. Our total staff in now over a dozen and who together contribute centuries of experience as cyclists, advocates, educators, and industry veterans. Together, we keep the essential chemistry of a brick and mortar, pen and paper shop of the past going while adopting the Facebook/website/Instagram necessities of the present. The Fairfield Bicycle Shop remains committed being a real shop with real people who ride bikes and have lives (but we’ll also try to be superhuman and get back to your email request the same day). Thank you to everyone whose work, whether they know it or not, has made this shop what it is today.


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