Bionx on Bike Friday Tandem Twosday

We have been installing a Bionx P350 DV on a Bike Friday Tandem Two’sDay. Many custom features. The Bike Friday is a bike that breaks down for shipping, so we had to make sure the wiring harness for the motor could also be easily broken down.

There are electrical connectors at the joints and the brake sensor is located on the brake cable just behind the main frame joint, as illustrated in this short video:



Tweed Bikes

Hey Tweed Riders, do you need a new bike? We have a great selection of Very Tweedy Steeds. Some are even on sale.

Pashley Roadster Sovereign


Pashley Gov’nor


Pashley Speed 5


Gazelle Tour Populair


Simcoe Signature 7


Tousaint City


Tousaint and Pashley Parabike

Win your Test Ride

To help celebrate Fairfield Bicycle Shop’s 25th year in business, visit us at the shop and test ride to win one of our specially selected Opus Urbanista bikes.


Opus Zermatt


Opus Zermatt
Opus Lugano
Opus Nuovello
Opus Ivanna
Opus Ivan
Opus Cervin
Opus Porto
Opus Topolino