Brodie Romax Carbon 2020

Lightweight and Fast for the go anywhere do anything rider The Romax Carbon - Textreme Carbon Fibre frame-set has Triple cage mounts on the top of the down- tube, Double cage mounts underneath & [...]

Brodie Romax Steel 2020

The Romax Steel is Brodie’s Columbus THRON Tubing Gravel Adventure Road Bike, a do anything go anywhere one quiver bike. Road Plus adds versatility, safety and comfort opening up the ability to [...]

Brodie Romax Comp 2020

The new Romax Comp is race ready all day road or gravel rider with the same geometry as our Romax Adventure. The Romax Adventure comes fitted with a carbon fork with thru-axle, and 11-Spd. 105 [...]

Brodie Roam 2020

The mighty Roam. Who will love this bike? Budget-minded cyclists needing simplicity, versatility and reliability in a bike which will deliver them where they need to go, anywhere, any time. All [...]

Brodie Ocho 2020

Who is the Ocho for? For the person who values the purity and benefits of an internally geared hub. The Shimano Alfine 8-Speed hub is a great choice for harsh weather conditions as it adds [...]

Brodie Dynamo 2020

Best commuter bike, period - How can we say that? There’s a reason the Dynamo hasn’t changed much in the last ten years, we put a lot of thought in to how we designed and spec’d it. It uses a [...]

Brodie Bolt 2020

The Bolt is a workhorse. It does everything you need it to do with reliability and simplicity. Wide range gearing and high volume tires mounted on double-wall rims all "Bolted" onto a butted [...]

Brodie Tesla 2020

If you’re going Car-Free, Car-Light, or just want to start riding a bike once a week to work, or for fun and fitness. The Tesla is a great choice to get you started with a great frame, solid [...]

Brodie Omega 2020

Commuter, urban transportation, fitness: for the rider who needs efficient and affordable transportation, with a wide gear range for hills, and looking for the added safety and security of disc [...]

Get Lit; Stay Safe

This may be the last time us Left Coasters are cloaked in the shade of daylight savings time, but it sure isn’t going to be the end of dark afternoons and misty mornings. Therefore, finding ways [...]