Grin & Ride It!

Fly Internationally with an e-Bike

Our skilled mechanics at Fairfield Bicycles have converted a Bike Friday into a fully functioning e-bike, ready for adventures worldwide.

Bike Friday — operating out of Eugene, Oregon — has been making environmentally responsible bikes for over 25 years, working closely with the city’s “Toxic Right to Know” programme.  Striving to do its part to be a green solution, Bike Friday has made many ecologically sound choices over the years. The very positive result of this process are beautifully crafted, powder-coated, mobile and foldable machines.

Grin’s modular LiGo battery was born in response to the massive transportation restrictions placed on large lithium e-bike packs. Properly certified batteries under 100 watt-hours are even allowed aboard passenger aircraft with your carry-on luggage. Why not use this as the building block that can be easily re-assembled into a large battery? By 2014 Grin validated the process of travelling on numerous international flights with our small battery modules, which were then stacked together on landing into a usable capacity e-bike pack. Indeed, these little batteries proved useful not just on ebikes but countless other projects too, including electric skateboards and unicycles.


Of course the batteries don’t simply charge your cellphone or keep your mocha heated: Max chose a 250 Watt, 36 volt Bafang motor to send the Bike Friday’s intrepid traveller on exhilarating excursions. The rear-wheel motor works seamlessly with its human counterpart to provide myriad opportunities to visit remote sites around the globe.

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