Rohloff Speedhub

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The Rohloff 14 speed, performance bicycle I.G.H. impresses all with its high level of quality and efficiency.

Experience the world with the most reliable bicycle drivetrain on the market.

You love cycling? You love to leave the stress and hectic nature of every-day life behind you for a few hours? Then why take the stress of an impaired transmission with you? Choose a Rohloff SPEEDHUB equipped bike for your next tour and use it to power your passion.

The Rohloff SPEEDHUB makes cycling simple. No longer is it necessary to constantly calculate which gear is required next or if the gear has correctly engaged yet. Simply rotate the Rohloff twist-shifter – regardless whether stationary of pedaling. Rotate up to shift up, down to shift down. It couldn’t be more intuitive.

The Rohloff AG is still managed by the original founders (Bernhard and Barbara Rohloff), located in the center of Germany. 99% of their flagship product, the SPEEDHUB is produced in Germany, ensuring premium quality at every step of the production process.

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